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Libre Video back online!

It has been a long time coming, but thankfully Libre Video is back online! Life has a funny way of taking over in interesting ways, but we should always be grateful for when can come back to what we love and are passionate about.

While we’ve been gone, there have been a lot of – interesting – developments in the multimedia technology space. Some good, some bad. We’ve missed a lot but we intend to get into it as much as possible. One post won’t be enough to cover it all, but it is our plan in the coming days and weeks to have spotlights going over, at least, some of the following (and they should be linked as we get to it):

  • Developments in the following audio/video formats and standards
    • Opus
    • WebM
    • Daala
    • VP9
    • AV1
    • H.264/AVC
    • H.265/HEVC
    • H.266/VVC
  • Bluetooth audio technologies
  • Other Free/Libre multimedia technologies such as Pipewire

There remains a lot of work to do to bring awareness back to the importance, benefits, and challenges related to free/libre technologies. Digital media in its various forms plays more-and-more of an important role in the average person’s life, and yet, they remain oblivious to the hidden costs, restrictions, and stifling that occurs under complicated and underhanded licensing schemes meted out by IP holders and patent trolls. The amount of innovation and advancement, as well as cost savings and quality, that have been lost as a result is truly immeasurable. Without a doubt, even a statement like this will be met with shock and pushback from those completely unaware of just how much waste exists in the patent wasteland.

Our focus, now and always, will be to ensure the very best coverage of all free/libre multimedia technologies, pushing back against the constant stream of misinformation and FUD associated with patent-encumbered standards, and giving a voice to those that would like their digital and electronic media to be truly free and libre.

Of course, we’d love to hear what you, also, would like to know more about, so please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

P.S. While some of you may be fans of Libre Video‘s….shall we say…classic appearance, look forward to a refresh in the near future as well.